Vivacity-Kinwell FAQ

What is happening with Vivacity?

Vivacity Care Clinics were created by Vera Whole Health with funding from Premera Blue Cross, Washington state’s largest health insurer. Premera has since partnered with Kinwell Medical Group who is building primary care clinics under the Kinwell brand. To bring consistency and clarity to this clinic system, the four Vivacity clinics in Spokane will be re-branded as Kinwell clinics. Please call our dedicated hotline with questions at 833-411-KINW (5469).

Is my clinic closing?

Three Vivacity clinics in the Spokane area will continue to operate. The most visible change will be the signs over the door. To facilitate this rebranding, each clinic will close one at a time for a few days. During these brief closures, patients can seek care at any of the remaining Spokane locations.

Is my doctor/ARNP/MA changing?

Most patients will still receive the same great care from the same clinicians at the same location. A few Vivacity clinicians have decided to continue their practice elsewhere. If your clinician is among them, Kinwell will reach out to you with options. Kinwell is adding staff at each Spokane location and looks forward to continuing as your healthcare provider.

Can I still access my medical records?

Vivacity and Kinwell are in the process of upgrading the electronic record system. Vivacity patients who have been using their portal will soon be able to use the secure Kinwell MyChart app to make appointments, reach clinicians, refill medications, and check the results of lab tests. Please download the MyChart app to begin or call the local hotline if you have questions.

What is Kinwell’s approach to Primary Care?

Kinwell clinicians consider the big picture of patient health—including behavioral health—even as they treat everyday concerns. This is a team approach in which doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and behavioral health clinicians are part of an ongoing conversation with each patient. This conversation can take place in person, online, and over the phone. Kinwell makes it easy to schedule the kind of appointment you need, when you need it.