Kinwell Headquarters:

Address: 600 Stewart Street, Suite 800, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: 833-411-KINW (5469)


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    For PR/Marketing

    please contact:

    Dale Kutzera (he/him), Senior Strategic Writer, Send email


    For Recruiters

    Clinician inquiries (MD/DO/NP/PA)

    please contact:

    Nancy Longcoy (she/her), Senior Clinician Recruiter, Send email


    Clinical care team inquiries (MA/LPN/RN/Clinic Management/Reception)

    please contact:

    Sarah Cox (she/her), Non-clinician Recruiter, Send email


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    Community Sponsorship Request

    We’re listening to and support our communities. Please note we review donation requests quarterly. Please download the community sponsorship request form and return it to

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